Monday, October 28, 2019

Congratulations to Judge Warren!

From VBA Board of Managers member Amy Davis, please see highlights and pictures from the swearing-in ceremony for Judge Lisa Warren:

Judge Grearson introduced five speakers on behalf of Lisa Warren who all spoke to a crowded courtroom in Caledonia County. The speakers included former judges, prosecutors, police officers, and defense attorneys. Lisa's appointment comes with the support of the entire community, including one of her victim’s advocates who made the incredible cake. Judge Warren's husband, two daughters, and new granddaughter were in attendance. Before the ceremony, she told Deb Bucknam, who mentored her as she read for the law, that she remembered the day telling Deb that she never wanted to go to court! US Attorney Christina Nolan commented about how Lisa not only took on the hard cases, but she won them, too. The US Attorney's office offered to take a human trafficking case off her hands, and Lisa responded, "No I've got it." Judge Warren's work ethic and integrity will follow her to the bench, and local practitioners and community members cannot wait for her to be back in the Kingdom.

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