Wednesday, May 29, 2019

So Green (with Envy)

The greens of Spring in Vermont are as varied as the fall foliage colors.  Maybe they are so beautiful because we have had to feast on browns, greys and whites exclusively for so many months.  May is special because of the greens, but perhaps it is most special because of the Smolo? Loyal Solo & Small Firm Conference attendees will agree that there’s nothing like it anywhere and that it is truly spectacular.  Those who missed it will have missed the greens of Basin Harbor and will certainly be green with envy.

One comment we often receive about our “big” meetings –the annual and mid-year meetings—is that there never seems to be enough time to network amidst all the CLE offerings. Not so much at the Smolo! The networking opportunities were plentiful.  Some brave attendees even went on the rainy cold lake cruise and learned about Lake Champlain while enjoying its beauty. 

Although the resort has stepped up its wireless strength, people seemed so focused that they were rarely on their phones.  The small seminars allowed people to be fully engaged and sharing stories rather than checking emails and the clock. With such a gorgeous and relaxing setting, people couldn’t help but learn, network, share and smile.  Even the canine attendees were relaxed. And let’s not forget the food! In just one of the lunch buffets, we had delicious seafood salad, pasta salad, tomato salad, strawberry salad, reubens, sandwich makings, eggplant parmesan AND fried chicken! And all the other meals and desserts were equally fabulous.

At the networking reception, more established lawyers were paired with newer lawyers to discuss anything from practice successes and failures, favorite apps, best law movies, outdoor activities and so much more.  People made real connections and had fun while doing it.  We’ve already gotten great feedback from our law practice management and wellness seminars.  Many thanks to our sponsors who helped make the event possible.

Don’t be green, be there for our next Smolo!

Please enjoy just some of the pictures from our special event below.