Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Forth and Prosper!

Spring has sprung. Meaning, it has flown the coop.  Spring just wanted to make sure we really wanted it--for any of us who were sad when we realized skiing was over.  And shoveling.  Snow made its brief (it has to be brief, right?) reprise.  And soon Spring will be upon us again.  The vernal equinox was March 20th this year, which is nature’s way of letting the snow know that it is okay for it to leave. Now.

Most importantly, the days are longer.  Snow or no snow, it is easier to get out and about now that the equinox is upon us.  With more daylight comes more energy—spring cleaning really is a phenomenon.  Getting out, or staying in, most find a rejuvenation and desire to accomplish things.  Despite the mildness of this winter, surviving winter in Vermont should always be celebrated. 

This Spring, equinox means THE Equinox! We are venturing south (and west) to try a new venue for our Mid-Year Meeting March 30-31.  And who doesn’t love outlet shopping and fancy locales?  The food choices all looked mouth wateringly good.  Given our last snow dump, skiing may still be an option.  Why not treat yourself to a relaxing stay at the Equinox, and add a spa treatment or shopping?  It is not too late to register, and we’ve arranged an overflow hotel, should the Equinox rate be too daunting.  The CLE offerings are sure to please.  We are privileged to have a renowned social media expert from Boston, a nationally recognized financial speaker from Vermont, and presentations by many of our Vermont judges and our own Attorney General.  Legislative schedule permitting, we also may get a visit from our Governor!  Check out the agenda at www.vtbar.myevent.com

Spring also means Spring Journal time.  The Spring Journal is nearly off to the presses.  Stay tuned for entertaining and informative explorations on mushroom foraging, practicing by numbers, tales from Kosovo, parrots, Phish and more.  We also will be offering another cartoon caption contest, so sharpen your newly rejuvenated brain cells for another battle of wits. 

Finally, what would Spring be without discussing new growth?  How about growing your knowledge base, your connections with colleagues and your practice by trying out the new VBA Connect online communities.  Similar to our old listserve, but improved on so many levels, VBA Connect will allow you to share, connect and engage like never before.  Join a discussion and see what the real property folks have known all along…sharing collective wisdom is an extremely valuable resource for your practice.

Here's to all the amazing things that Spring has to offer. Spring forth and prosper.