Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Wellness Wednesday

Like Throwback Thursday, Wellness Wednesday is trending on social media now, but is doomed, like all trends, to fade into the background.  I’m a huge fan of Wellness Wednesday, don’t get me wrong.  Anything that brings wellness and work-life balance into center stage gets an A+ in my book.  But why can’t every day be #LoveYourLawyerDay or #WellnessWednesday? Memories, love and wellness are not like pie. Highlighting one does not preclude the other and all are available in infinite quantities.

Seeing that today is Wednesday, and it is summer, why not post in honor of Wellness Wednesday? Taking a page out of Mike Kennedy’s Wellness Wednesday playbook, I found myself enjoying last Saturday to its fullest, despite the long list of chores and neglected life admin duties awaiting me at home.  Summer is beautiful and short in Vermont, and every moment should be savored and stored.

And here at the VBA, we practice what we preach! Whether it’s our Executive Director, Teri Corsones, enjoying many gorgeous weekend hikes; or our Lawyer Services Coordinator, Michelle Abajian, spending time at the lake (while doing headstands on her paddleboard!); or our Programs Coordinator, Laura Welcome, feng shuiing her home to make a cozy retreat to curl up with her critters and a book (or taking long walks with Boris), or our Office Administrator, Tami Baldwin, traveling all Vermont locales in pursuit of her fantastic wildlife photographs; or our Legal Access Coordinator, Mary Ashcroft, singing in the choir or just enjoying her sleeping porch on her beautiful farm; or our CFO, Lisa Maxfield, relaxing while photographing flora and fauna from her Kayak, joined by myself and Fiona on my paddleboard, we’ve got this Vermont summer nature-thing covered! Most of us also take the time to enjoy downtown Montpelier or Hubbard Park during our lunch hour.

Photographic evidence? Well, I will spare you the bathing suits and honor the privacy of our staff.  But here is a sample of some of what we see and do to inspire you to get out there. Summer is fleeting. Act now!

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