Friday, April 12, 2019

Successful Third Annual Vermont High School Moot Court Competition

The Vermont Bar Association was pleased to collaborate with the United States District Court for the District of Vermont, the Office of the Federal Public Defender, the Office of the Attorney General and Vermont Law School to organize the Third Annual Vermont High School Moot Court Competition this year. Nine high schools (Brattleboro Union High School, Burr & Burton Academy, Harwood Union High School, Milton High School, Mt. Mansfield High School, Randolph Technical Career Center, Rutland High School, Southwest Vermont Career Development Center and Twinfield Union School) and Vermont Law School fielded teams of students who spent the Spring preparing for the state-wide competition held last Saturday at the Vermont Law School.

Lawyer volunteers Orland Campbell, George Anthes, Tom Bixby, Michael Benvenuto, Beth Novotny, Erick Titrud, John Lacey, Carolyn Dube, Suzanne Brown, John Lamson, Josh Martin, and Barry Kade, Esqs. worked with the students and teacher coaches at each of the high schools. Teams of judges and practitioners (Judge Geoffrey Crawford and Jordana Levine, Esq.; Justice Harold Eaton and Phil Back, Esq.; Judge Cort Corsones and Josh Diamond, Esq.; Judge Mary Miles Teachout and Michael Kennedy, Esq.; Judge Mary Morrissey and Elizabeth Quinn, Esq.; Justice Karen Carroll and Dave McLean, Esq.; and Judge Robert Mello and Ted Kramer, Esq.) judged the competition, consisting of two rounds of a mock attempted murder trial, pitting prosecution teams against defense teams in seven mock trial courtrooms at Vermont Law School.

Rutland High School was judged the best overall team, and awards were also given to the Best Prosecution Attorney, Best Defense Attorney, Best Prosecution Witness and Best Defense Witness. All involved were very complimentary of the skill and professionalism that the teams exhibited, and the participants were grateful for the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of criminal law and courtroom procedures. 

Other objectives of the competition included furthering students’ understanding of the law and legal system, improving proficiency in speaking and reasoning skills and increasing students’ appreciation for law-related careers. Watch for more details from the VBA in the Fall, when we gear up for the Fourth Annual Vermont High School Moot Court Competition!

Check out these photos from the event!
Best Team Overall
Best Defense Attorney
Best Defense Witness
Best Prosecution Attorney
Best Prosecution Witness

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  1. Congratulations to all! Was there a stenographer present too? Such a great experience and intro to the legal field.