Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Meet Me in Montpelier!

Past President Dan Richardson recently shared a link on Facebook linking an article in the Boston Globe about how perfect Montpelier is for Bostonians to take a weekend sojourn.  Between all the food, sights, friendly faces and outdoor activities, it really is a perfect weekend getaway.  Just passing my one-year anniversary here at the VBA, I still contend that it is also the perfect place to work.  No longer can it be shiny object syndrome, a year later, and Montpelier is still tops!

July is the best time for us here at the VBA to enjoy Montpelier, having just barely survived our fast and furious CLE season that culminated in five successful live events in June.  While we have one new event this July, the Trial Academy on July 21st at VLS, it is considerably more quiet here in July and August.  Plenty of time to enjoy all the sights (and food) of Montpelier, including the incredible Fourth of July fireworks show.  As I’ve blogged about before, we are very fortunate that our office is right next to an entrance to Hubbard Park.  A quick jaunt up, and viola, the tower! The restaurants are plentiful and tasty -- I’ve yet to make the complete rounds.

Enjoy the serenity of the capital city with our most recent photos and meet me in Montpelier!


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