Friday, June 30, 2017

May the Forest Be with You!

A CLE in the making in VBA Member Sarah Tischler’s mind since 1998, the Woodlands CLE this Wednesday was well worth the wait.  We had a packed room with a fully engaged audience who stayed nearly 30 minutes past the scheduled end.  While much of the meat of the CLE was in the discussions that took place, it wouldn’t hurt to check out Jamey Fidel’s Powerpoint on Vermont’s forests, development and conserved space.  The materials are still on the website calendar for June 28th

Said one member with a smile, “This is one of the most relevant CLE’s I have ever been to.”  Attorneys not only learned about the timber industry, Vermont forests, conservation easements, estate planning issues and land succession, but they all shared stories, realizing that these issues touch all of our lives and practices in some way.  Almost every attendee could relate to having a shared family property or a family camp, having to make decisions of whether to log or conserve, sell or keep for themselves or with family; considering the value of protected neighboring land; or having heirs be in disagreement about the use of legacy property.  While we tagged the CLE as environmental law, it touched family, probate and trust, elder and municipal law.   Being so widely relevant, it was well received!

After all, aren’t trees a big factor into why we are all here? It is undeniable that Vermont is not the land of the big bucks (and I don’t mean deer).  I’ve blogged previously about leaving Bethel for the “big city” of Montpelier, being relieved and overjoyed to find Hubbard Park behind the VBA offices. Hopefully, at long last, summer is actually truly really positively here, so with any luck our members can take some time this weekend or on the 4th of July to get out there and enjoy all Vermont has to offer.  May the Forest Be with You!

Enjoy some pictures from the event, below.

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