Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Out Like a Lion!

The near foot of heavy snow that fell on the last day of March did not deter us from our Mid-Year Meeting joy.  In fact, the word is that attendees had a roaring good time!

One member noted: “This was one of the most enjoyable and delightful VBA meetings I've attended [and I've been to 87 of the last 88 annual/mid-winter meetings]…The venue, rooms, hospitality, staff were all outstanding.”  Another remarked: “I have to say, I think that was the best VBA meeting that I’ve ever attended.  Not that they are not all wonderful, but this one was truly spectacular.”

Here’s hoping March 31st was the true ‘out like a lion’ from our early March lamb weather and that Spring is finally here!  For those of you kicking yourselves over missing this outstanding meeting, save the date for the May 18-19 Small Firm and Solo Conference at Basin Harbor and think golf weather!

Please enjoy some scenes from our Mid-Year Meeting, below.

The Event kicked off with an Ethics presentation by Mike Kennedy and Christopher Ekman.
The VBA and Tri-County Bar sponsored Reception was well-received.  Karl Anderson provided some great entertainment!

Socializing went well into the evening

In the am, the snow was just beginning...

It starts with the registration whirlwind.

 First up, Bankruptcy Basics with Judge Brown, Ray Obuchowski and Heather Cooper

Evidence Disputes...a packed house for the panel of judges (Durkin, Teachout and Zonay) moderated by John Evers
Financial Wellness with Christine Moriarty
 Social Media with Joshua Jarvis, Tom Valente and Mike Kennedy

The morning continued with four more simultaneous programs....
Life Safety Codes with Benjamin Deppmann and Fire Marshall Bruce Martin
Representing Non-Profits with Anthony Iarrapino, Jim Porter and Melanie Kehne:
The ADR Section on Apology with Emily Gould, Jim Spink and Erika Smart
Succession Planning:
with Julius Ciembroniewicz

and finally, LUNCH!!

Awards were given to Justice Dooley, John Campbell and the pro bono award was given to Pauline Law, Lila Shapero and Salvatore Spinosa.  The VBF also gave awards to Justice Dooley as well as legacy awards to DRM and VATC.

Justice Dooley with the VBF award
Justice Dooley
John Campbell accepting the award

The contested election for the Board of Managers seat was once again TIED!
What are the odds?  David Carpenter and Andrew Manitsky will have to face off again in October.
David Carpenter addressing the membership
David Carpenter
Andrew Manitsky
Andrew Manitsky addressing the membership
Back to class...
It's snowing in earnest now...

Probate Litigation with Kevin Henry:

Real Estate Title 101
With Jim Knapp, Hal Miller and Benjamin Deppmann
Human Trafficking with Bob Hemley, Abigail Averbach and John Treadwell:
Divorce Taxation with Lori Lustberg

and on to our last (but not least) programs...
Representing Veterans
With Katelyn Atwood
and Implicit Bias in the Judicial System, with Judge Waples, John Treadwell, Jessica Brown, Karen Richards and Jay Diaz

a packed house for the Future of Debt Collection with Ilerdon Mayer, Grace Pazdan, Judge Toor, Daniel Richardson and Harry Parker


a workshop on collaborative divorce with Nanci Smith and Corey Fitzpatrick Wood

Special thanks to all of our Sponsors and Exhibitors who made the meeting possible!  
CGI, Edmund Wheeler, Evidox, Pinnacle Financial, TCI, Thomson Reuters, VATC, VCLF and VT Communication Support Project.

thanks for visiting

Also, Congratulations to Kim Sturtevant at the Burlington City Attorney's Office for scoring BIG and winning the women's history VBA Exhibitor Scavenger Hunt!

Finally, a special guest:
The Equinox is pet friendly, so we were able to go out like a lion into the snow! (well his paws are lion-sized anyway!)

See you at Basin Harbor May 18-19 and the Hilton, Burlington on October 12-13!!

Check our CLE calendar often for more offerings including Real Estate Law Day, Medicare, Woodland Owners, Procrastinators' Day and more!

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