Thursday, January 19, 2017

Welcome Legislators!

Time for another “a picture is worth 1,000 words” blog!  The VBA hosted a Legislators’ Reception on January 18th in the Cedar Creek Room at the Statehouse.  The event was very well attended as the pictures demonstrate.  Hopefully the pictures also show the perfect mix of food, drink, smiles and meaningful conversations among the attendees.  Scroll down for a gallery glimpse into this successful event.

We at the VBA strive to be a valuable resource to our representatives and their constituents. As a backdrop to the event, in one corner there was a slideshow loop of pictures from the Legislators’ Days held in each County, and information about our resources such as our VBA Section Chairs, the Bar Ambassadors, our lawyer referral service and legal assistance business cards and our public education initiatives, such as our “Basics of the US Constitution” presentations.  If legislators have any question about proposed legislation, they can take comfort in knowing that the VBA Section Chairs are there to assist with understanding or to reach out to other members in that substantive area of law for issue spotting, testimony and discussion.  The Bar Ambassadors in each county are also a great resource.  Most importantly, we got an opportunity to interact with our legislators at a lively social event!

One picture that may not be self-explanatory is the close up of the large battle painting in the Cedar Creek Room.  The bearded injured man being carried is Thomas Kennedy, a direct relative of our own VBA President, Mike Kennedy.  Not only did this Kennedy survive his injury, but he later became a state official with stints as Sheriff of Franklin County, Town selectman and constable, superintendent and a two-term representative in the State legislature.  His prominent position as a young star in the legislature, and perhaps his potential influence over future artist commissions, may explain his front and center position in the painting!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event a success!

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