Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Battle of Wits!

Below is an excerpt from the Fall Vermont Bar Journal, in The Princess Bride-style.  While our staff has thought of some doozies, we have yet to hear from very many of our resident VBA members' inner comedians, authors, scholars or pranksters.  Failing to submit could be one of the biggest blunders of all time!  Accept the challenge TODAY as time is running out.


During the cover contest period, some of our left-brained attorneys lamented that they wanted to play along but had no artistic talent to speak of.  Well, it’s time to show off your more cerebral side, as we challenge you to a battle of wits!  Montpelier cartoon artist (and lawyer) Kathy Fechter has graciously provided us the above cartoon, which lends itself to seemingly infinite humorous quips.  

Submit yours and see if it makes it past our scrutinizing staff to be included in the Winter Journal.  Email your proposed caption for the below cartoon by November 15, 2016 to jeb@vtbar.org.  

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