Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So it’s been two weeks since I’ve updated this blog; my apologies. It’s not as though I wasn’t keeping track of what’s been happening though. After my last post I was out of town for the VBA Mid Year Meeting while the house and senate struggled to meet the crossover deadlines. Then, as happens every year, the week after crossover, both chambers’ calendars are full and more time is spent on the floor of each chamber than is spent in committee.

The bills I have been following most closely, S. 31 (“Billings”) and H.431, foreclosure mediation, have both crossed over and each judiciary committee has begun work on its bill. Yesterday, Susan Murray and Penny Benelli testified on S. 31. Tomorrow senate judiciary will start work on the mediation update; I am scheduled to testify along with a few others. I expect both bills to reach the governor’s desk before adjournment.

Today the joint assembly agreed to retain all the superior judges and the one magistrate that sought retention. Later today and for the remainder of the week actually, the house will be debating the tax bill and the appropriations bill. That’s. of course, after they finish work on the shore lands protection bill! Things should get back to normal next week after al lthis floor action! Let’s hope anyway.

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